A gallery of our past cats that are now retired from our cattery, or kitties
that now reside with other breeders or are in loving pet homes, or have
crossed the Rainbow Bridge......

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CH Ahmischi's Kickin' N Screamin'
Tortoiseshell CPC Female

*Top 2 pictures @ 6 weeks of age, bottom picture at 1 1/2 years (pictured with Tootsie).*
Unfortunately, I no longer have my little Kiara. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge
at the tender age of 2. She was a dream come true! When she was 6 weeks
old, she had a head injury & my vets did not have much hope for her.
Miraculously she pulled through, but had to learn how to walk all over again. When she was well again, I decided to show her. She went to her first show
as an adult, so she was going for CH ribbons. There were 2 other Open
torties present & 1 CH tortie, as well as 2 Open bluecreams & 1 CH bluecream.
She obtained all winners ribbons against the competition & even
took breed ribbons over the CH's!
She later passed, necropsy revealing she had a very small heart.
She was blessed for living as long as she had.
She will always be missed, but never forgotten.....

Ahmischi's Painted Lady of Purrty Katz
Calico Female

*Now Residing with Brian Gravett*
*Lady is the proud mom of 3 Regional Winners & a total of 4 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers!!*

CH Shedan American Express of Ahmischi
Blue & White Male


PR Ahmischi's Panda Bear
Black & White Neutered Male

*Now living in Tennessee with Richard*

CH Ahmischi's Fallen Angel

Blue Tabby CPC Female

* Littermate to Misty *
Angel crossed the Rainbow Bridge suddenly from complications of a twisted colon. There were
no warning signs & when she fell ill, I immediately took her to the vet. When I awoke the next
morning, she was already gone. If there were signs, she could have had surgery to save her life. She was one of the sweetest cats, we miss her very much.

CH Whisperwood's SwissMiss of Ahmischi
Tortie Point Female

*Was Retired & had been my 'little dog' all these years. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June 2005 at just over 10 years old.
Stormy was one of my absolute favorite kitties.*

CH Ahmischi's Fantasia

C.E. White Female

Ahmischi's Pandora of Sleepwalkers
Black Female

*Now Residing with Pat & Ken Coene*

CH Ahmischi's Newsprint of Sleepwalkers
Black & White Male
*Now Residing with Pat & Ken Coene*

CH Ahmischi's Blue Thunder
Blue Male

CH Shedan's Sweet Music of Ahmischi
Dilute Calico Female


GC Harborhill's Holiday On Ice of Ahmischi
C.E. White Female


CH Ahmischi's Red Buttons
Red Tabby Male

Ahmischi's Double Stuff Oreo
Black & White Female


GP, RW Ahmischi's Ying Yang

Black & White Neutered Male
*Now residing in a very spoiled, loving pet home with Leslie & Hans*

(The photos below were sent to us from Jaspurr's owner. Thanks!!)

Ahmischi's Jaspurr
Blue Lynx Point Male
*Now living in a wonderful pet home with Laura, along with his new buddy Radar*

Ahmischi's Travelin' Soldier

Black & White Male
*Now living in a happy pet home in Massachusetts*

Blue & White Male
*Living in a wonderful pet home with Carolyn*

CH Ahmischi's Pudge Muffin
Red Tabby & White Male

CH Shedan Morning Song of Ahmischi
Dilute Calico Female


Mollycoddled SomeGaveAll of Ahmischi
Blue-Cream CPC Female

Mollycoddled AutumnKiss of Ahmischi
Brown Patched Tabby CPC Female


GC Harborhill's Acka Von Capeney Keyse of Ahmischi
C.E. White Male
*Thank-you Acka for all you did - we miss you.*

Shedan's Tiny Dancer of Ahmischi
Tortie Point Female

CH Mollycoddled Wildest Dreams
Blue-Cream CPC Female


CH Cobby-Corp Chloe of Ahmischi
Tortoiseshell Female

*Has been Retired. Chloe crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March 2006, she was almost 13 years old. She is missed.*

CH Jentopia Morning Glory of Ahmischi
Seal Point Female

CH Purrty Katz Thunder Rolls of Ahmischi
Red & White Male

Big Boy
C.E. White Neutered Male
*In a wonderful pet home, he was a Mother's Day gift from Elizabeth*
Thank-you Rose & Dan for sending us these adorable photos of Big Boy!!
Here he is just after returning home from the groomer! What a doll! (Photos from August 2008).

GC Karabel Sparkle Plenty of Ahmischi
Tortoiseshell Female

GC Ahmischi Good-N-Plenty
Black Female
*Retired - our very FIRST HOMEBRED GRAND!!*

Mollycoddled Born Free
Seal Point Female

CH Shedan Flaming Star of Ahmischi
Red McTabby CPC Male
*February 16, 1995 - January 8, 2007*
*Left-side photo Rocky is pictured in November 2006, still growing out from a shave.*
*Sadly, Rocky crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the night. He was a super sweet boy....we miss you.*

Some old friends...
These are 2 kitties from one of our first litters born here.

On the left is Katmandu II, AKA "Mandy", and her litter-brother Yeti Nala, AKA "Yeti".
These two sweethearts live a happy life with Stan & Kathy in Florida. They have taken WONDERFUL care of them!!
We truly appreciate the photos & updates over the years! They are pictured at 11 years old! They were born Jan 30, 1996.
Unfortunately, Yeti has since passed away on March 11, 2008. Thank-you Kathy & Stan for giving him the best life, and I
know how much you & Mandy miss him....thanks for sharing your memories over the years.

Ahmischi's Winter Spirit
C.E. White Male
*To hopefully be shown in Premiership*

CH Angel Paz Live Wire of Ahmischi
"Live Wire"
Red McTabby & White Male

Tortoiseshell Female

*Now living in a happy pet home with Chris, Lisa, & family!*

CH Shedan Rum Swizzle of Ahmischi
Brown McTabby Male

GP, RW Ahmischi's Inky Dinky Do
Black Male
*Now in a happy retirement home with Robyn & family!*

Prima Donna Diva, AKA "Diva"
Dilute Calico Female

*Now in a wonderful pet home with Dee & family!*

GC, RW Ahmischi's Two Tear Drops
Tortie Point Female

*Our special, special girl...she was one in a million. She now shines among the stars.*
A special tribute to this incredible girl.

Black & White Male
*Living in a wonderful pet home with Tamara*

Black Female

*Also living in a great pet
home with Tamara, Baxter, & family!!*

Black Male
*Living in a great pet home with Cathy & his new friend Ollie!*

CH Purrty Katz Lone Star of Ahmischi
Blue & White Van Female

CH Mollycoddled Tiger Lily of Ahmischi

Seal Lynx Point Female
*One of our retired queens still residing with us. She just turned 10 years old in October 2009.*

CH Ahmischi's Reese's Pieces

Tortoiseshell CPC Female

*Now living in a spoiled home with Doug & family. Watch for her in the showhalls!!*

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